Once Upon A Time,

In the far-off land of Texas, when armadillos roamed the earth, there lived a bright-eyed girl in a small village nestled among the pine trees. She dreamed of bright lights and a big stage, of penning magical stories for the world to read, of wearing beautiful gowns and frolicking barefoot through enchanted libraries as she delighted in her youth. But this land was not always a peaceful one, and plagued by such beasts as the fanged Recession and the hideous Sequestration, the good people of Texas and the surrounding areas were forced to fight for their economic survival.

Instead of gowns made of silk and lace, the girl donned stiff wool and masculine camouflage attire and went to battle. Now she has landed in a strange land of vehicle maintenance where no one sings or speaks in a British accent. Surrounded by testosterone and entirely too much athletic competition, the girl has retreated to the sanctuary of her imagination, to wait out these dark days…


One response to “About

  1. Julia Schemel

    I wish I could write like you. ❀️ hehe you’re wonderful. Miss you!

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